The Kaduna Entertainment Awards is out to celebrate the originality and creativity of the entertainers who work tirelessly to educate, inform and entertain the entertainment lovers, congratulations to the winners of the previous edition as we welcome you to the 2019 edition

The Mission #KeaAwards

Kaduna Entertainment Award (KEA) is a platform that recognizes the many contributions of Kaduna Entertainers to the global entertainment industry. The KEA is devoted to promoting the image and rich culture of Kaduna around the Nation. This commitment continues to increase the awareness of Kaduna State Entertainment.

The Kaduna Entertainment Awards is an annual award show held in Kaduna, it’s aiming at recognizing the beautiful work of our entertainers working tirelessly to promote the beautiful and rich culture of the land through entertainment.

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#TheKeaAwards is ready once again to celebrate entertainers and change-makers who’ve worked hard enough for recognition

“This year's event will be for the entertainment world in Kaduna as we are working hard to reshape the awards and the industry,”

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